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flippa-dot-comThere are countless benefits to buying new or existing websites off of Not only is Flippa the web's largest website and domain name marketplace, but they have the customer support and customer protection in place to ensure safe transactions with due diligence.

There have been over $50,000,000 in transactions take place through Flippa's website as of 2011, and more and more online business is being focused there. If you've ever bought or sold a website property through Flippa you would understand. That's because Flippa makes it easy for buyers and sellers to make offers, place bids and answer any questions that we may have.

Benefits to Buying a Website on Flippa

  • Thousands of Quality Websites to Choose from
  • Flippa has built-in Due Diligence and Website data
  • Listing Attachments allow Videos, Traffic Statistics and More!
  • Number One Website and Domain Name Marketplace on the web
  • No Reserve auctions can save you big $$$
  • Purchase existing websites and Flip them to make profits!
  • Buy consistent revenue generators to build your asset portfolio
  • Buyer and Seller Feedback ensures quick and easy transactions!
  • Flippa partners with Escrow to give you discounts on Fees

Benefits to Selling your Website on Flippa

  • Thousands of Buyers using Flippa each and every day!
  • Flippa Makes it rediculously easy to set up your auction in minutes
  • You can get 10-50x your monthly revenue for quality websites!
  • Purchase listing upgrades and promotion to stand out even more
  • Max $500 listing fee if your auction sells!
  • Select No Reserve if you are looking for a certain price
  • Add Buy it Now option for a quick and easy sell!
  • Tons of Listing options, Bidding options and more!
  • Private and confidential listings are available too!

Let's face it, Flippa is the best place for website buying and selling because they are dedicated to making it easy. If you haven't already browsed around the thousands of auctions taking place, go to and see what the action is all about!

Here are some tips to make your experience buying and selling on Flippa even better. If you're listing your website for sale you want to provide as much information as possible for the buyers. Upload screenshots of your earnings along with exported reports. List all of features, benefits and history of your website because interested parties will want to learn more. You can make promotional videos for your auction showing different aspects of your site and link it to your auction. This really helps buyers gain trust that you are providing what you say.

If you are looking for websites to purchase off of Flippa then do as much research about the site before placing a Bid. Double check all of the claims and message the Seller with any questions you have to so don't waste anyone's time.

Good luck and happy bidding!

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