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What is SwagBucks all about?

SwagBucks is an online search portal that rewards their users with digital dollars called "SwagBucks." These SwagBucks can be redeemed for prizes that include MacBooks, iPhones, Playstation 3 Consoles and Games, Clothing, Gift Certificates and Gift Cards plus much more! It is free to Sign up with SwagBucks and you don't need a credit card to start earning SwagBucks right away! If you're going to be searching online you might as well get rewarded for it!

How you can get Rewarded for using Search Engines - 100% Free Prizes & Gifts

Redeem SwagBucks for iPhones, MacBooks, Clothing, Gift Certificates, Games and More! No Shipping or Credit Card required

Earn bonus SwagBucks just for signing up at SwagBucks

SwagBucks is a search portal that is powered by Google and Ask.com that rewards its users with digital dollars called "SwagBucks." These SwagBucks can be redeemed for prizes that include Playstation 3 consoles, MacBooks, iPhones, Clothes, Gift Cards and Gift Certificates, Toys and much more.

Signing up is free and easy by going to http://j.mp/getswag and you will receive bonus SwagBucks just for joining. There is no credit card required, and you can begin earning SwagBucks right away.

To get SwagBucks all you have to do is search the web using the SwagBucks search portal. You can search webpages, images, news articles and more and the results are provided using swagprizesGoogle and Ask.com along with sponsored listings. You can search products online using comparative shopping to find the best deals online. You can earn even more SwagBucks by referring your friends, answering Polls, and participating in Daily Contests. You will be awarded SwagBucks while you search and your account will keep track of your bucks. You can exchange these SwagBucks for prizes, paypal cash, Amazon gift certificates, flat screen televisions, playstations and more.

Here are some tips to earn maximum SwagBucks:

1st. Download and install the SwagBucks toolbar from the SwagBucks website. This will allow you to receive instant notifications of Bonus SwagBucks opportunities and SwagCodes.

2nd. Always stay on the look out for SwagCodes. SwagCodes are codes that can be entered into the SwagCodes box on the SwagBucks homepage. These will give you bonus SwagBucks if you enter them in time.

3rd. Follow the SwagBucks Twitter profile for updates and add SwagBucks as a friend on Facebook. This way you can stay in touch with SwagBucks bonus offers and Contests.

4th. If you have a Blog,, add the SwagBucks widget for instant updates on SwagCodes and Bonus SwagBucks opportunities including contests and sweepstakes.

5th. Add SwagBucks as your homepage and search everytime you open your browser.

6th. Tell all your friends about SwagBucks and give them your referral link to earn bonus SwagBucks!

7th. Recycle your old cellphones by sending them into SwagBucks and receive bonus SwagBucks for helping save the environment!

8th. When you receive a prize from SwagBucks take a picture of it and send it to SwagBucks and they will reward you even more!

9th. Digg this article --> SwagBucks - Is it a Scam or Legit? and leave a comment with a review about SwagBucks and add your referral link too. People that stumble upon the Digg page will see the comments and read the reviews and use your referral link.

10th. Join the Facebook group for SwagBucks tips and information on how to earn maximum SwagBucks at SwagBucks Tips and Information

SwagBucks is a great way to make your online browsing and search engine experience a little more fun and rewarding. Once you get the hang of it and start to build your SwagBucks up, you will find yourself receiving more and more prizes and giftcards. If you're going to be using the internet, you might as well get some rewards for it, and SwagBucks is a trustworthy company that does just that.

Follow this link to get started for free and see what SwagBucks is all about --> Join SwagBucks

Join SwagBucks - Signup to SwagBucks for Free & receive Bonus SwagBucks - No Credit Card required - Shipping is free for prizes

http://digg.com/d315GJW?t - Digg article with information about SwagBucks and reviews from people who use it

SwagBucks Tips and Information - Facebook Group for Serious SwagBucks earners 

Testimonials from SwagBucks.com:

I found Swagbucks through a mother forum. To put it bluntly, my family is poor. Even if our income doubled we'd be more than 150% *below* poverty. Needless to say this Christmas looked like it was going to be a disappointing one for my children... until I earned $65 in Amazon gift cards between the time I joined (sometime in August or so) and November. When that Amazon box came I was so overwhelmed. I am tearing up thinking about how close we came to having nothing under the tree. It would have broke my 4 year old's heart to think that Santa or Mommy/Daddy didn't get them anything. Now, when we are broke again after Christmas with a sick little baby I can get the Nosefrida for free with leftover gift cards and a new one I earned in December. (Free shipping through Amazon Student or Mom). Thank you for doing this and keeping the prices for the gift cards so reasonable. Swagbucks and Amazon saved Christmas for us. With all our blessings and thanks for a truly amazing 2011 to all SB employees.

— KiltGirl

I want to let everyone know how wonderful Swag Bucks is and that it works I a mean really works! I joined Swag Bucks only a few months before Christmas. My seven year old wanted a DS for Christmas and with only a budget of $100 per kid (we have three) this was not possible and I wasn't going to ask anyone else to spend that type of money on him (since he was more then likely going to lose or break or his little brother or sister may). Thanks to Swag Bucks I was able to earn and save enough Amazon GC to get him a Gameboy Advance and two games. He was so happy Christmas morning and LOVES it.

— csntmama

I am a single mom and I have not had a steady and permanent job in almost two years. This year, I have only worked three of twelve months and despite the numerous jobs for which I have applied, I still am not employed. A learned about Swagbucks from a friend and started in September. While I was only able to earn $20 in Amazon cards prior to Christmas, it was that $20 that allowed me to buy my kids a DVD for Christmas. Without that $20, they wouldn't have gotten anything from me. I am now trying to earn enough to get them something for their birthdays in February and April. So thanks for helping people like me give gifts to those they care about.

— AAMinix

Swagbucks has been very good to me - I LOVE earning the gift cards, I use them to buy things we need on Amazon - like diapers, coffee, gifts - whatever we might need at the time. I am so grateful for my wonderful readers - so I'm giving away one of my $10 Amazon gift cards!

— QueenBee

SwagBucks.com Reviews

What are your experiences with SwagBucks?

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+1 #6 Jenny 2011-08-16 14:40
I've tried Lockerz and several all online bonus websites and none of them come close to Swagbucks! I am a swaggernaut for life! It is so much fun with the games, swagstakes and bonus swag codes you can really win a lot of prizes on swagbucks. :lol:
+1 #5 Aaron 2011-08-05 07:03
I love Swagbucks! Whenever I'm bored I'll just browse around the site and watch videos and I've redeemed over 50 gift cards from Amazon, PayPal, Best Buy, Restaurant.com and other prizes.
+1 #4 Chris 2011-08-04 22:01
Thanks! I was trying to remember what this site was. My friend got a free iPhone
+1 #3 Amy S. 2011-08-04 21:55
With Swagbucks the key is just using it as much as possible. Install the toolbar first and every time you go to search for something use it instead. Then sign up for as many of the Swagbucks offers as you can like Liking on Facebook, twitter, adding the widgets to your site, watching videos, etc.

Then tell all your family and friends about how easy it is to earn Swagbucks to exchange for prizes and you'll earn even more rewards for referring them. After awhile your Swagbucks will keep adding up and you will love it!

I've tried several different rewards sites and Swagbucks is the easiest with the best prizes. You can get everything from Nintendos to Clothes, to electronics and actual Cash! Plus you get even more bonuses for shopping, finding Swagcodes, taking polls and surveys and a lot more!

Go to http://www.swagbucks.com/refer/GetStarted for more information on getting started!
+1 #2 James 2011-08-04 21:32
I've had a lot of friends tell me about Swagbucks after getting prizes so I started checking it out for myself. From what everyone is saying it's one of the more legit companies out there and they have the best deals.

Thanks for the tips, I'm going to sign up and try to get the Playstation 3.
+1 #1 Mary 2011-08-04 20:44
I have been using swagbucks off and on for a year now and I love it! Me and my friends are always bragging about each new prize we redeem it's definitely worth it. I have talked to some people actually making a living from swagbucks it's crazy!

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